Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pope's Head Alley

At 80cm wide this is one of the narrowest and darkest streets in York, although it does have the old fashioned lantern often seen in ginnels. Today it was sunlit and had red balloons lighting up the end of the tunnel. The origin of the name is unknown to me, although I would hazard a guess that it had something to do with a Public House. The York historian Francis Drake makes a brief mention of it in his history of the city 'Eboracum'. It is a favourite haunt of the many ghost walks in the city.


  1. Thank you for sharing this picture. Such narrow and dark streets always bring fun whan you're trying to pass by...
    Big Hug !

  2. It must be a bit spooky in the dark, even with the lantern. Nice capture.

  3. that is quite a substantial lantern for such a narrow ginnel.

  4. Love this shot Deb! The red balloons are perfect.

  5. What luck! That red looks great and so modern compared to that dark corridor of a street. (PS I found out that the Egyptian Goose you identified is on its own at Coombe Park. No idea if there were more at some point.)


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