Monday, 18 February 2013

Fishing Boats

Ginnels Gates & Ghosts has been to the seaside. Scarborough is a coastal town around 40 miles from York and a few fishing boats can still be found in the harbour. The boat on the right is based on the traditional Coble, a flat-bottomed boat with a high bow. This allows it to be launched from the shallow sandy beached typically found along this part of the NE coast. The high bow is needed to cope with the big waves and surf of the North Sea. Fishing Cobles are usually open boats but this one has had a wheelhouse added.


  1. They looked like miniatures when I first saw the pic. That Coble looks rather tippy!

  2. Yes, at first they look like toys.
    Great photo, love the reflections and colours.

  3. I love the light and reflections in the shot. Also the...whatever it is, the big wooden wall (pier?) behind the boats.


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