Friday, 26 October 2012

New Dean

This imposing residence can be found right in the centre of York, it is the Deanery of York Minster. In a mighty break with tradition the Minster has just appointed it's first female Dean the Very Revd Vivienne Faull. By a twist of fate her last post was Dean of Leicester and she has suggested Richard III's remains (see yesterdays blog post) be buried close to where they were found in Leicester cathedral.
It was Richard's own wish to be buried in York Minster, a wish that is shared by many in York. A tricky political tightrope for the new Dean of York Minster to walk!


  1. That is a tricky tightrope indeed. I do hope Richard III gets his wish after all these centuries!

  2. No kidding, RedPat! I'm with Sara on this, though. It seems Richard has paid his dues. What do you think, Deb?


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