Saturday, 21 April 2012

Modern Amphitheatre

This is the Odeon cinema building on Blossom Street, now a Reel cinema. It first opened in 1937 and the very distinctive Art Deco style building is typical of Odeon Cinemas. They were sometimes likened to the big transatlantic ocean liners of the 1930s. It closed in 2006 only to re-open, still as a cinema, in 2009.


  1. A fabulous building! it would be nice to see it cleaned so that all those deco details stood out more. Glad it is still a cinema.

  2. I too am pleased to see it is still a working cinema. Sadly Bradford council seem determined to remove the impress odean in that nearby city, odd considering they promote it as the city of film.

  3. Terrific art deco- and long may it reign as a cinema.


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