Saturday, 5 July 2014

Stars and Stripes

I meant to post this yesterday for obvious reasons! On a recent trip to Cambridge I came across a memorial to the the great uncle of George Washington. It can be found in St Mary the Less or Little St Mary's, a church attached to Peterhouse College where Godfrey Washington served as Vicar and Bursar to the College.
The stars stripes and eagle on the family crest are thought to be the inspiration for the US national flag and emblem.


  1. Gosh! And it still is the flag of Washington, D.C.!

    1. Didn't know that Revrunner thanks for the extra info.

  2. There you go a bit of history I did not know about

  3. Another piece of history I wouldn't have known about. I like the style of the stone, and the old fashioned lettering of s.


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